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Composite Can Machine

Composite Can Machines

Compact Core Winder


The main salient feature of this production line is its high performance with low maintenance cost . The composite cans making machinery comes with other optional equipment for producing composite cans. The other major parts of composite can production line include labelling machine, can flanger and can seamer.

The composite can production line facilitates easy interchangeability of toolings for various sizes of cans.

Compact Core Winder

Horizontal Labelling Machine


This machine is used to wrap pre-printed label on the body of the can.

Salient Features
Output : Up to 30 pieces per minute depending upon size and operator’s efficiency (or) approx. 35,000 cans/day depending upon the sizes

Minimum inner diameter of tube : 50 mm
Maximum inner diameter of tube : 100 mm
Maximum wall thickness : 5 mm
Maximum width of labelling area : 500 mm

Horizontal Labelling Machine

Automatic Convolute Labelling Machine - ACLM 550

Salient Features

Automatic Tube loading from hopper
Automatic label pick up from operator
Recut of labelled tubes
Automatic tube collection at conveyor
Minimum Inner Diameter : 50mm
Maximum Inner Diameter : 100mm
Minimum length : 100mm
Maximum length : 450mm
Maximum parent tube length : 500mm
Maximum labelling area : 475mm
Label thickness : 120 GSM
PLC controlled panel with AC drive
Power (Approx) / Machine : 2 KW

Horizontal Labelling Machine

Can Flanging Machine


To make flanging at the ends of the can for firm holding and crimping of the lid.

Salient Features
Output : 25 cans / minute depending on the operator’s efficiency

Minimum inner diameter of the can : 22 mm

Maximum inner diameter of the can : 150 mm

Maximum height of labelling area : 350 mm

Horizontal Labelling Machine

Heat Sealing System


This system comes with inner liner folding device with suitable mandrel cooling arrangement.

Horizontal Labelling Machine

Composite Cans


Advantages of Composite cans:

1. Cost Effective and environment friendly packaging.

2. Highly suitable for a variety of products like confectionary, milk powder, medicines, potato wafers, cleaning powders, detergents, whisky bottles, toys, industrial tools etc.

3. Composite-cans also supplied with sealing membranes and easy-open lids for greater consumer convenience.


Horizontal Labelling Machine

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